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The Answer Is The Passive Pro Method...

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Why Passive Recurring Income Should Be..

Don't Do This,

Most Online Marketers Find Themselves Working 20, 30, or even 40+ Hours Every Single Week… And some are yet to even find a method that works for them.

So how about this...

We teach you our method for getting passive income that simply works first time, every time...

A method that won't have you working your butt off trying to make things work...

A method that will pay you every month without the need for you to babysit it and without then need to pour countless hours into it...

How does that sound?

Hi there…

Fergal Downes here,

When I started out online, I worked A LOT of hours to make very little money… (Like $1k/year)

I was buying course after course, spinning my wheels trying desperately to make anything work so that I could travel the world while working online. 

That was my only goal. 

To see the world... (continued below..)

You Want To...

Make Lots Of Money

AND Have The Time Freedom To Enjoy It!

(continued).. After 4 years of trial and error (mostly error) I finally got a coach who taught me what ACTUALLY works when it comes to internet marketing. Long story short, I made $50,000 in 104 days after discovering what works and I went straight to the airport and got a 1 way flight to Thailand to train Kickboxing with some of the best martial artists in the world.

...I was FINALLY financialy FREE & I haven't stopped discovering the world since...

But what was the method that this coach taught me?

You're looking at it..

This all important method that allowed me to quit college, make $50,000 in 104 days and move to Asia is exactly what I am showing you inside Passive Pro. 

With This Method I Am Making Thousands Per Month,

And I'm Working Just A Few Minutes Per Day…

Most of my “work” daily is simply checking stats to see how much money I've made.

(What if you too could bank hundreds per day and all you had to do was hop on your phone and check your income earnings and traffic stats here and there… sounds good, huh?)

I Am Truly Living The Online Lifestyle

That Passive Income Provides

I have no boss

How Would You Like To...

Live The Passive Income Lifestyle Too..?

Here’s the thing…

Although creating a stream of passive income is the key to living the life you always wanted

If you’re trying to do it all on your own you are going to struggle without the proven step by step plan that works...

Just like the 4 years of trial and error that I went through...

So, initially we planned to give you a really solid method packed with case studies and video training that would show you EXACTLY how we’ve created passive income in our businesses.

...but then we realized…

Most People STRUGGLE

In The Setup Phase And End Up Doing Nothing…

I don’t want that to happen to you…

I want you to get results on DAY 1

That’s why I'm not just going to teach you how to create a passive income...

I'm going to give you multiple proven traffic methods

...without any hard work or effort required.

I n t r o d u c i n g . . .

Passive Pro

Passive Pro gives you a COMPLETE, NEWBIE FRIENDLY SYSTEM for creating a passive income that has the power to change your life.

Why We Call This Passive Pro

I used the exact method we give you inside Passive Pro fund my world travels..

This is the exact method that my coach taught me that allowed me to make $50,000 in just 104 days..

I give you EVERYTHING you need to finally create a life-changing recurring income.

Passive Pro Gives You Everything You Need To

Start Making Passive Income Today

Step-By-Step Video Training

Inside, you’ll discover…

  • Why passive income is the answer and how to get started today
  • How to get your first recurring income project setup within a few minutes
  • Why most “passive income” method aren’t actually passive income methods at all and why Passive Pro is different
  • The simple “no tech skills needed” way to create money while you sleep
  • 4 Viral traffic methods that make it easy to get traffic started. Once you turn these traffic methods on, the money just keeps flowing
  • How to get started making a life-changing passive income without spending a dime beyond the tiny investment you’ll make today to get your hands on Passive Pro
  • 3 simple steps to scale things up, take your passive income to the next level, fire your boss and live life on your terms

4 Viral Traffic Methods

(These traffic methods could be a stand-alone training course - They’re that good)

  • How to start getting traffic today
  • The 2022 FREE traffic method that is flooding my site with people who have credit card in hand. 
  • The traffic methods in the inside are VIRAL traffic methods. Meaning they bring even more and more traffic as time goes on. 
  • These traffic methods are battle-tested and fully proven to work by me.
  • Although these traffic methods are perfect for the method we cover inside Passive Pro, you can use these to send hot viral traffic to ANYTHING that you want to promote.

2 ‘Done For You’ Recurring Income Funnels

  • We didn’t want to leave anything to chance, so we’re giving you 2 PROVEN funnels to use as your own
  • These funnels use a recurring payment method, so once you make a sale, the money keeps rolling in month after month giving your instant recurring income.
  • No technical skills are needed to get started - Just follow the simple setup directions inside the quick start method.
  • Just turn on the viral traffic methods and you'll be able to see results as soon as today. 
  • Once the money starts coming, you keep getting paid every single month.

3 Steps

To Making Passive Income With Passive Pro

Step #1

Use The Step-By-Step Video Training To Setup The Quick Start method. 

Step #2

Activate 1 Of The 4 Included Viral Traffic Methods. I recommend the "2022 FREE Traffic System"

Step #3

Enjoy Your Passive Income and Rinse And Repeat If You Want To Make More

Quickly Scale-Up To $1,000's Per Month

Without Any Daily Work Required

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2 ‘Done For You’ Funnels Included | 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

More Proof That Passive Pro Works…

5 Reasons Why Passive Pro Is Different

Than Other Passive Income Courses And Methods

Most ‘passive income methods’ are anything but that… They require you to do daily work to keep the money coming in… But Passive Pro is different. You get a REAL method for making recurring income while you sleep!

The method inside is PROVEN - I literally use the method inside to make thousands of dollars in passive income every single month

This is a REAL passive income method - Once you get things setup, the money keeps coming in

Passive Pro isn’t just a proven method - You get 2 ‘Done For You’ Recurring Income Funnels to make it even easier to get started

This is a COMPLETE System and we’re including 4 Viral Traffic methods - (These 4 viral traffic methods alone could be a stand alone course, but they’re included for free with Passive Pro)

The Question Is…

What Will You Do With The Passive Income You’re Making?

Put money in the bank for a rainy day?

Pay off some bills?

Buy something you've been waiting for a long time?

Cut back your hours at work and eventually fire your boss and live life in your own terms?

Go on that much-needed vacation you've been putting off?

All of the above

Will You Choose To Travel The World?

Just Like I Have Been Doing Since Learning The Passive Pro System

People Are Loving Passive Pro

Experienced Marketers

Are Giving Passive Pro Rave Reviews Too

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After all, you get way more than just training… You also get 2 ‘Done For You’ Recurring Profit Funnels ...and access to 4 Viral Traffic methods that are proven to get big results.

This is a COMPLETE SYSTEM that removes all the stress and really all the work required to get started making recurring income online…

Just follow the paint-by-numbers setup instructions and you’ll be on your way to banking thousands of dollars per month without any daily work required… (other than checking stats)

That’s why this should be $497… and will be at some point. But here the thing…

We don’t want anything to hold you back from getting this life-changing system today… That’s why we’re slashing the price during this short launch…

You won’t pay $497… Or $297… Or even $97

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We know you’ve seen other ‘passive profits methods’ in the past that promised the world but didn’t live up to those promises…

Passive Pro is different. And we’re going to PROVE it!

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Why You Need To Get Passive Pro NOW

The price is going up soon (Even though Passive Pro is easily worth many times your investment today)

Recap Of Everything You Get Today

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Actual Value Of Everything You’re Getting

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Frequently Asked Questions About Passive Pro

What is Passive Pro?

Passive Pro gives you a COMPLETE NEWBIE FRIENDLY SYSTEM for creating a passive income that has the power to change your life. The method inside is proven and you get everything you need to get results right away.

Who should get Passive Pro?

If you’re looking for a proven method for creating money while you sleep, you need this.

How does Passive Pro work?

Step #1 - Use The Step-By-Step Quick Start Method To Get Set Up. 

Step #2 - Activate 1 Of The 4 Included Viral Traffic Methods

Step #3 - Enjoy Your Passive Income and Rinse And Repeat If You Want To Make More

What do I get when I get Passive Pro right now?

Passive Pro Step-By-Step Video Training - Actual Value = $497

4 Viral Traffic Methods - Actual Value = $297

2 ‘Done For You’ Recurring Income Funnels - Actual Value = $997

Is this really a passive income system?

Yes, this is the exact system I used to travel the world and live life on his own terms… I have money freedom and time freedom… and you can have that too!

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, you get a full 30 days to make sure this is for you. If you change your mind for any reason, just let us know and we’ll get you a refund. You have nothing to lose.

How do I get Passive Pro at the lowest price possible?

Click the button below for instant access…

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee | Save 97% When You Get This Now

No prior online experience or technical skills needed

Includes step-by-step training to guide even the most novice of computer user

4 hands-off traffic getting methods included

Proven method for making passive online income

Includes the 'Passive Pro Quick Start' method so that you can get results on day 1

This is the exact method I used to automate my income so that I could move to sunny Spain

I have no deadlines

There’s no one telling me where to go or what to do

I am living my life… on my terms…

Your #1 Focus in 2022

We all got into internet marketing for the dream of passive income. But most methods are anything but that. 

Passive Pro shows you exactly how to get paid today and every single month without the need to work crazy hours. 

Because after the quick start setup the money comes in even when you are sleeping, travelling or hanging with friends and family

Because your income isn’t tied to the hours you work, it’s much easier to scale-up your online income quickly

And 2 ‘Done For You’ Recurring income sales funnels so you can skip the technical and just start making money right away on DAY 1...

Top quality training

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee | Save 97% When You Get This Now

You’re getting a complete system… Easy-to-follow training, multiple traffic methods, AND 2 ‘Done For You’ Recurring Income Funnels (Most launches charge you extra for ‘done for you’ funnels, but we’re giving you 2 proven funnels for free when you get this now!

You have no risk with our 30 day money back guarantee

The sooner you get started, the sooner you can start making money while you sleep!

4 Viral Traffic Methods - Actual Value = $297

2 ‘Done For You’ Recurring Income Funnels - Actual Value = $997

= $1,791

I have been trying to make money online for over 10 years but nothing seemed to work. I tried being a YouTuber and making money from ads, I tried coaching, joined a bunch of MLM's and network marketing companies, dropshipping on Shopify, and have bought a bunch of courses. Nothing seemed to be working out for me. 

In the past year I have been learning about and experimenting with affiliate offers. I started seeing my first results but my ad spend was way more than my sales. 

Finally, I met Fergal and with his course I found true online success for the first time. After watching his training and being coached by him it took about half an hour to set up the system that he teaches. In my first week I made 23 sales and got a list of 100 subscribers. I was in profit in just 3 days. I now have a nice recurring revenue stream now too that will keep growing as I repeat the process. The best part was that it was very easy to set up and all you have to do is follow his exact steps. 

Throughout the process Fergal was messaging me directly on a daily basis to provide direction and feedback which most coaches charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for. I have personally paid thousands of dollars for courses and membership and did not have nearly the level of support that Fergal provides. He is very accessible and will answer any of your questions. Trust me, this is rare. I feel that he is genuinely enjoys helping other people succeed

Hey Fergal, Your free traffic training method inside Passive Pro is awesome. I started getting results in less than 48 hours and in just 8-9 days I earned over $600. And all of this comes from your free traffic method. Thanks man, you are awesome.

Yogesh Choudary

Mike Marino

Lisbon, Portugal - Ankor Wat, Cambodia - NASA, Texas - The Alamo, San Antonio -Lisbon Again - Amsterdam, Holland